James OSullivan Hits Table 5 Like a Hurricane

James OSullivan Hits Table 5 Like a Hurricane

On Big Stack Watch in Level 11 (71/400 players remaining, blinds 1,500/3,000), one player in particular has emerged from nowhere to terrorise his table – James O’Sullivan.

“I had 19,000 at the break,” he said, neatening his uneven towers of chips totalling over 230,000 now.

“I’m still in!” celebrated June Jenkins. “I’m the only original player at this table.”

The two of them had just played a brief hand (O’Sullivan raising to 6,500 and Jenkins moving all in – uncalled – for around 80,000). Jenkins showed him 9c 9s and he made a noise like “ooh,” before telling her, “I had ace-nine.”

“That’s the exact hand you want to see when you fold ace-nine,” said tablemate Daniel Effendy.

“There’s history,” O’Sullivan explained, as Jenkins filled in the fact that she had given him his first double up, which ended up with his busting pretty much everyone else on the table single-handed.

“He’s been like a hurricane!”