Tammel Cannot Escape From Meisser

Tammel Cannot Escape From Meisser

Level 16: 5,000-10,000/10,000
Field: 29/172 Remaining

The flop showed and Marco Meisser checked in middle position. Tarmo Tammel bet 10,000 on the button and Meisser called. The same action repeated on the turn for 35,000 before Meisser also checked the on the river.

Tammel now bet 65,000 out of a stack of around 170,000. Meisser jammed for 235,000 and that sent his opponent into a world of pain. Tammel asked for a count and eventually sigh-called.

Meisser tabled the and Tammel exclaimed “fuck me” as he exposed the for trips queens.

Marco Meisser – 600,000