It Ends Shyte for Kyte

It Ends Shyte for Kyte

Level 10: 1,000-2,500/2,500
Field: 64/157 Remaining

The action folded all the way to Jorge Pacheco in the small blind and Jon Kyte teased him into shoving so he can rebuy in the event with just a short stack behind. Pacheco then did so and Kyte looked at both cards. The first one was bad, the second one was good and that made for a call.

Jon Kyte:
Jorge Pacheco:

“Oh my god, you are both worse than me,” Benjamin Lebor on the button loudly exclaimed.

Kyte stayed ahead on the flop and turn but the river improved Pacheco. The Norwegian will for sure be back prior to the start of Day 2, because it seems unlikely he will jump back in for the last four hands of the night.