Good Value for Plotnikov

Good Value for Plotnikov

Level 24: 30,000-60,000/60,000

Sandro Carucci attempted to limp in from the Small Blind, before Pavel Plotnikov raised to 150,000. Carucci called and we went to the flop.

Flop came and after Carucci checked, Plotnikov fired 127,000. Carucci called and action went check-check on the turn .

On the river , it was now Carucci who led out for 200,000. It didn’t take too long before Plotnikov raised to 700,000.

“Seven-nine again?” Carucci asked his opponent, referring to an earlier encounter. Eventually he made the call and Plotnikov showed for second pair top kicker. Carucci folded and Plotnikov got good value from his second pair.

Pavel Plotnikov is one of the three players still in the mix.