Flush vs Royal version, Bromley vs Stavroulakis

Flush vs Royal version, Bromley vs Stavroulakis

Passing Table 7, Natalie Bromley was being apologized to for some fruity language. The table were not to know of her conoisseurship in this area; there followed a lesson in mild swearing in Greek from her neighbour Epimenides Stavroulakis, who had a much leathier stack (nearer 40,000).

It turns out the chips went from neighbour to neighbour in dramatic fashion: Three handed to the flop, Natalie (sb) and Stavroulakis (bb) had both called a raise to 300.

The flop brought Jh Th 6x. Natalie led small, raised by Stavroulakis. She flat called, and the pre-flop raiser folded.

The turn was the Kh. Both players checked.

The river paired the ten, so the 3h 4h in Natalie’s hand didn’t prompt all-in fireworks against Stavroulakis, who was paid off – but not to the tune of a stack – with his Ah Qh.