No Good for Nixon

No Good for Nixon

I got to the table just in time to see Jamie Nixon move all in to a raise from Marius Olsvik, who snap-called. Oops.

Nixon: Ks Jd
Olsvik: Js Jc

Board: 3h 7d 4d 8s Td

“Oh no don’t do that,” lamented Nixon, seeing me writing this all down. “Don’t tell anyone.” Sorry Jamie. Looking forward to the comeback from 60k after that, though. Olsvik meanwhile is up to around 200k.

Other big stacks in the 6-Max with 37 players remaining:

Barrie Greenan350,000
Victor Antoci290,000
Leo Lombardozzi230,000
Sonder Stormyr230,000
Makoto Yoshimichi200,000
David Lappin175,000