Flanagan is not Enjoying That One

Flanagan is not Enjoying That One

Level 22: 20,000-40,000/40,000
Field: 8/283

Dermot Flanagan had previously joked “if you are waiting for me to knock out anyone, we still gonna be here tomorrow” with a grin on the face. He may very well be the one next to go, though, as he fell victim to “Mister River Full House” Robin Panholzer.

He had defended the big blind and then check-called a bet worth 175,000 on the river. Panholzer once again declared a full house, the third time in the past hour, and showed pocket kings.

Flanagan flashed his four cards including the for the nut flush to become one of the shorter stacks with around 500,000, Panholzer leaped to 1,900,000.

Over on the other table, Alan Dillon repotted preflop and Eoghan Rogers called from under the gun. Dillon potted for 700,000 on the flop and Rogers instantly folded, asking “you got aces, right?”

Dillon nodded and rolled over the .

Shortly after, the final eight players were sent on a scheduled 20-minute break.