Frank Lillis busts 16th (€12,333)

Frank Lillis busts 16th (€12,333)

Kyle McGuire opened the pot to 175,000 — we’re playing 40,000-80,000 at present moment. It folded around to the big blind, wizard Frank Lillis. He moved all-in. It was about eleven big blinds.

McGuire asked if it was just him and when the answer came back yes, he called with Ah Td.

Lillis would have to flip to stay in, tabling 6c 6d.

The flop rolled out danger — Qd Kd 8d. Wowzers. McGuire was a favourite now, but worried he “had too many outs.” Is there such a thing?

The turn was the Js and Lillis was dead meat. No chop outs even.

The river was the 5d, inconsequential.

“I had fun,” were the last words Lillis left us with.