Donovan s Chips Go Wong Way

Donovan s Chips Go Wong Way

Barry Donovan just played out a monster with Jonathan Wong, both flopping huge hands and getting stacks into the middle on the flop.

Wong held a set of Kings on the Kd Qc Jd while Donovan had the stone-cold nuts with A-T.

Wong’s entire 245k ish stack was in the middle – around 50% of Donovan’s chip stack.

A massive 525k+ pot was riding on the outcome of the next two cards.

Turn: Ah
River: Jc

“Oooooh” a few voices muttered as the fateful river changed the direction of the pot.

Wong looked unruffled at this sudden change of fortune & rises to 525k while Donovan looked a touch regretful, as you might expect – his stack knocked back to 285k.