Dominic Nietzsche eliminated in 22nd

Dominic Nietzsche eliminated in 22nd

It was a blind versus blind confrontation, between Dominic Nietzsche and Alex Peffly, things were coming to a head.

It had been raised preflop judging from all the chips in the middle, around 40,000 amassed in the middle.

On the Ts 9s 4d flop, Nietzsche moved all-in, for 38,000, about a pot-sized bet.

Peffly felt his hand too strong to fold and he was pretty clear about that. Despite not having a pair, his Ad Qh was ahead in the game. Nietzsche had plenty of possible help with Kc Jc.

The turn was the Tc, so now it would be a jack, queen, or king for Nietzsche to stay alive. It was the 9d, double pairing the board, and as we all know ace-high bests king-high.

Nietzsche left graciously and Peffly is now putting together some chips and is clear chip leader.