Docherty Down a Bullet

Docherty Down a Bullet

Level 1: 100-200

After some 13 minutes, the fireworks kicked off eventually when Alejandro Romero in the big blind bet 2,000 into 2,400 on the [clubs-c] turn. David Docherty called and then faced the shove by the Spaniard on the river.

Docherty tank-called for the 4,600 he had behind and Romero had it with for a set of queens, beating Docherty’s hero call with .

“First time I played my blue chip,” Docherty remarked. In seven rounds of heads-up action, he never redeemed the second 10,000 portion of his starting stack.

“First time, and last time,” Romero said with a smile on the face.

Alejandro Romero – 20,000
David Docherty – 10,000