Davey Checks, Raises, and Jams

Davey Checks, Raises, and Jams

Ciaran Heaney raised to 700 on the button at the 100-200 level and Daragh Davey called in the small blind. Liam Leahy joined the party from the big.

The flop came Th 2h 7d and when it checked to Heaney he fired 1,100 into a crowd.

Both Davey and Leahy came along to see fourth street, which was the 6d.

Check, check, and again Heaney liked betting, putting 2,000 chips out there, the pot already 5,400. The price was not high enough for Mr Davey, who is well known to have expensive tastes. He raised to 6,500.

Leahy was unhappy with this and took some time to fold what we are told was Ad 9d. But Heaney stuck around, and the two saw the Qd river. Now Leahy was extra unhappy. Don’t blame him.

Davey eyed what Heaney had left, two green chips with a red, 10,500 in other words. He found two greens and a red in his own stack and put them across the line.

Heaney was now wearing the unhappiest face at the table. He folded and later claimed to have had pocket aces.

Lots of tales being told, but we know for certain that Davey dragged the pot. He did not smile.