Deserved Double for Dillon

Deserved Double for Dillon

Level 25: 40,000-80,000/80,000
Field: 3/283

Alan Dillon

Robin Panholzer continued to add chips and made it to 4.4 million. He then raised to 160,000 on the button and Alan Dillon defended the small blind. On a flop of , Dillon check-raised into a bet of 180,000. The pot size was 1,040,000 by then and Dillon was all-in for exactly 5,000 fewer than that.

“I probably have to go with that,” Panholzer said and then added “guess I am fucked” once the cards were revealed.

Alan Dillon:
Robin Panholzer:

The turn saw Panholzer groan as he took the lead and then demanded for his opponent to improve, which indeed happened with the river.

“That would have been so undeserved,” Panholzer instantly said and Dillon replied “thank you, appreciate it”.

Robin Panholzer – 3,150,000
Alan Dillon – 2,550,000