Forus In Preflop War

Forus In Preflop War

At 100/200 eliminations are relatively rare but not unheard of & we just saw a big pot play out that proved this.

The hand in question saw Brian Morgan open to 600, which was called in three spots, including button Tarjei Forus. Kyle Soakell now bumped up the price to 6k in what looked like it could conceivably be a squeeze, given the chips in the pot.

This raise was called by Morgan, but when it passed back to Forus, he now jammed for just over 32k (with pocket jacks.) Soakell raised his eyebrows and put his 27k ish stack into the middle while Morgan laid his hand down unseen.

Forus’ jacks were up against Soakell’s AK and he duly won the race as the board peeled off without an ace or a king to give him the edge.

Forus up to 65k or so, Soakell’s day meanwhile, barring a decision to fire another entry, was done.