Danny Pyke Living, Loving, and Stacking

Danny Pyke Living, Loving, and Stacking

Jean Napiot and we believe Patrick Quigley were involved in a three-way all in with the currently-being-massaged Danny Pyke. The latter of the three was quick to dispense advice after the hand in question, and as you’ll read, he sure looked like he knew what was coming.

He was drawing to it all in fairness. The board read Ac Js 8h, Kc, and Pyke tabled Tc 9c with all the chips in the middle. Napiot had red A-J for two pair, Quigley A-Q. Napiot was ahead, but A-Q could win on a K or T that wasn’t a club.

Pyke, meanwhile, had the world to hit, any club, queen, or seven, and hit he did, the 3c.

The only thing he couldn’t get out of the hand, as if a triple up was not enough, was to hold onto the dealer who had dealt it to him. Both his opponents were left in ruins and busted shortly.

There is the chance to re-enter once per day and of course, to play again another flight. We are up near 400 runners today, with lots of time left in it. It’s safe to say the million Euro guarantee will be broken.