Daniel Golder (14th) Bubbles the High Roller

Daniel Golder (14th) Bubbles the High Roller

Chris Dowling had just been knocked out by Niall Farrell in 15th to send us to the brink of the money.

Hand for hand began around the same time the blinds went up to 6,000-12,000 (12,000 ante)… quite the jump from the previous level of 4,000-8,000 (8,000 ante).

So it was not too long thereafter that things looked ready to burst. And burst they did with Daniel Golder moving all-in with two red fives, having double to about 130,000 chips just beforehand.

The double double was in trouble because Christos Xanthopoulos woke up with two red kings, the worst possible matchups for Golder. Things paused at the secondary table to look on the mad action at the TV table.

The flop came Qh 6s 7s, giving fives a backdoor straight draw, a bit of hope. The 8h turn provided the maximum sweat.

It was not to be for Golder, on the Th he took his leave from the tournament. The remaining players were a bit subdued — they all seem to have their eye on the prize.

Dowling, bubbling the bubble