Carter and Toole Among Last Casualties

Carter and Toole Among Last Casualties

Level 14: 3,000-6,000/6,000
Field: 36/283

Robert Mate was knocked out soon after the bubble burst and Ronan Madden followed. Barry Carter then got it in against Marius Kukis in a duel third-last versus last in chips from the start of the day.

Carter’s on the button for around 80,000 were up against the of Kukis. The board came . Kukis moved to 275,000, Carter collected the min-cash.

Andrew Toole was then all-in for around 150,000 after a flop of [diamonds-1] with the [hearts-9h] . Matteo Ferrari had the [hearts-1] [spades-1] for one of the most classic post flop confrontations in PLO: Top set versus wrap and flush draw.

Ferrari locked it up with the turn and the river was a formality, since this is not Short Deck Omaha. Ferrari shifted up a few gears to 450,000 and Toole’s exit bought the field to the last six tables.