Danny Pyke Has Gears

Danny Pyke Has Gears

Jamie Nixon, sporting a commanding chip lead might want to grind down Danny Pyke and Jelle Moene, but the usually snug Pyke does not seem like he is going to let that happen.

In blind versus blind facing Moene, he called a 55,000 continuation bet and then raised a 75,000 double barrel on Qs 9s 2s, 7c to 225,000 with confidence. Moene had perhaps underestimated his opponent because he folded without thinking. Pyke showed … 8s and Kh, for not much of anything.

Small pots being pushed to and fro, Pyke has been opening to three big blind on the button, inflating pots and generally fighting for them. We might be in for a long finale to this big money last table.

Chips at the lottery draw break:

Jamie Nixon, 2.7M

Danny Pyke, 1.05M

Jelle Moene, 1M

Cool competitor