Bushell Dug Out, 6th €61,600

Bushell Dug Out, 6th €61,600

There’s an inevitability about this whole situation now. O’Dwyer has played great poker, applying tons of pressure, knowing ICM handcuffs were clamped round the wrists of almost every player at the table.

He’s also run very well. This combination has proved deadly and Matthew Bushell just became yet another footnote in O’Dwyer’s book of death.

It looked briefly promising for Bushell. O’Dwyer opened the betting from the highjack with an indelicate, but highly effective shove for 46M with Ad 2d.

Bushell had some ICM considerations to take into account but eventually with Jh Jc, this hand was too strong for Bushell not to take his chances and he did so.

Flop: Qc 2c 5d Bushell ok for now…
Turn: 6dUh, oh, O’Dwyer picks up a flush draw
River: KdThere it is!

O’Dwyer makes a backdoor flush to KO Matthew Bushell in 6th for €61,600 – O’Dwyer has played some sterling poker, but he certainly has had a very good run of cards in this final as well!