One Pair is Good for Ryder

One Pair is Good for Ryder

An interesting hand that’s basically evened the stacks of Jarleth Kilgallon and Danny Ryder.

I caught it from the turn – board 6h 8d 2s Tc – when Ryder bet out 225k from the big blind. Kilgallon called from the button and they saw the river.

Ryder checked the river – the 9h – and now faced a 385k bet from Kilgallon – nearly half Ryder’s remaining stack. Ryder sighed and thought about it for some time. Finally he made the call.

Kilgallon: As 4d for absolute air
Ryder: Qd 9s for just a rivered pair of nines

The pot went to Ryder who exhaled mightily as he raked it in – he’s at 2.8 million or so while Kilgallon drops to a shade under 3 million.