Bushell doubles Queenly through ODwyer

Bushell doubles Queenly through ODwyer

Under the gun Steve O’Dwyer min-raised to 500,000.

In the cutoff, MP Bushell moved all-in without too much of a think. It was 2,800,000 total.

Dan Wilson had the ease of folding pocket sixes behind and it folded around to the chip leader O’Dwyer.

O’Dwyer was not fantastically happy with having to make the call, but he felt he needed to. He called with Ah Js.

Bushell turned up Qh Qc.

It was a 75/25 to stay alive for a 6,200,000 chip pot.

The flop was Kh Kd 5c.

The turn the 2h. Now it was only a Barry Greenstein type situation that would crush Bushell and pad O’Dwyer’s stack.

It was the Th.

No real dent to O’Dwyer’s stack, but Bushell gave a fist pump, alive and kicking.