Boyle Empties the Clip Versus Bushell

Boyle Empties the Clip Versus Bushell

The poker is getting intense now.

In the waning moments of the 40,000-80,000 level, Justin Boyle raised to 175,000 under the gun plus one. And Matthew Peter Bushell called in the big blind. The flop came Jh 5d 6d and things were about to kick off. Pot is 470,000.

Bushell checked, Boyle bet 135,000. Bushell called. Pot is 740,000.

The 4h turned. Bushell checked, Boyle bet 440,000. Bushell called. Pot is 1,580,000.

The Ks hit the river. Bushell checked. Boyle moved all-in. He covered Bushell, who counted his stack, which took a while. All told it was a few chips shy of 2.2 million. Now this was big pot poker.

Bushell thought and thought and though. Then he folded.

“C’MON BOYLE!” shouted the rail riff raff.