More for Nitsche in Showdown

More for Nitsche in Showdown

Level 20: 10,000-25,000/25,000
Field: 11/172 Remaining

Dominik Nitsche raised and received two callers including Orestis Kanakopoulos on the button as well as Samuel Ju in the big blind. The flop came and it checked to Nitsche, who bet 45,000. Only Kanakopoulos called before they headed to the turn.

Nitsche bet another 90,000 for Kanakopoulos to stick around as they then checked down the on the river. The German showed the and that won the pot.

After the hand was over, all tournaments were stopped for the big Irish Open raffle.

Dominik Nitsche – 2,325,000
Orestis Kanakopoulos – 1,630,000
Samuel Ju – 625,000