BIG Boost for Boothby With a Mighty Sweat

BIG Boost for Boothby With a Mighty Sweat

Level 17: 6,000-12,000/12,000

Roland Boothby’s raise was defended by Christian Baumdicker, who check-raised the flop from 20,000 to 60,000. Boothby called and then jammed the turn when Baumdicker bet 75,000 with around 215,000 behind.

The German went deep into the tank and called it off after more than two minutes.

Christian Baumdicker:
Roland Boothby:

Aces were ahead, but the nut flush draw and gutshot posed quite a threat. However, the river was a brick and Baumdicker was eliminated.

Boothby’s new pile of chips worth more than 820,000 took an eternity to be stacked as the Hendon Mobber doesn’t have that much practice in live poker events anymore. In fact, the table broke right when he was done to rack em up in twenties anyways.

We are already down to 46 hopefuls and Boothy is near the top!

Roland Boothby