Beckman Wants To Eat

Beckman Wants To Eat

Level 19: 10,000-20,000/20,000
Field: 11/172

While most players left for the 40-minute dinner break, Tjenno Eskes and Simon Beckman were still engaging in a hand. Eskes had originally opened to 50,000 from the cut-off and Beckman defended his big blind.

On the flop , Beckman checked before Eskes fired a 35,000 bet. Beckman then raised to 125,000, a raise that Eskes eventually called.

Turn brought the and the flop-action repeated itself: Beckman checked, Eskes bet 40,000, and Beckman raised again; this time all-in.

At this point, Eskes went into the tank. He shuffled a couple of chips in his hand, deeply thinking over what Beckman could be holding. Eight minutes of the dinner break had already passed and Beckman decided to call the clock on his opponent.

When the tournament director started counting down from five, Eskes folded his hand. Beckman won the pot, but we’ll never know if he called the clock because he was bluffing, or because he was hungry.

Simon Beckman – 850,000
Tjenno Eskes – 275,000