Andrew Heaney Busts 4th In Three Way All In for €8,725

Andrew Heaney Busts 4th In Three Way All In for €8,725

Johnathen McCullagh min-raised the pot to 60,000 in the cutoff while play was four-handed.

On the button was the lively Andrew Heaney. Like the other final tablists, he’s been having a blast today, both sweating the main event final table, and carrying on with the rail and his table mates.

Heaney moved all in for 778,000.

In the big blind, Andrew Bak got a count. Then he moved all in, for 1,080,000.

The big blind, Alex Goulder, was really enjoying getting out of the way.

Most surprisingly McCullagh wanted to join the party. He had to have a monster in this spot to call. And he did, Qh Qs.

Bak’s monster was scarier though, Ks Kh.

“I’ve got live cards!” Heaney declared, tabling As Jh.

The board ran out 4s 9h 8h 5c Th and the best hand held. Bak nearly tripled up to a stack with over half the chips in play and Heaney was all class as he made his exit. The three way all in had reconfigured the chip distribution, but the three left sitting would be up for the battle to come.