Alex Whitenstall Flips Out in 12th (€17,350)

Alex Whitenstall Flips Out in 12th (€17,350)

The battle on the outer table has been hot and heavy. In another exchange of chipfire, McGuire raised to 250,000 in the cutoff. The button folded and Whitenstall moved all-in from the small blind. Boyle gave it a bit think but ultimately declined.

McGuire got a count, it was 2,100,000 and a few green chips. He called comfortably, with Ah 4c. And he was ahead. Whitenstall turned up Ks Jc. It was off to the races.

The flop came 8d Tc 8c.

The turn was the 4s.

The river was the 3h.

Alex Whitenstalled just before the final table, but will get 17,350 Euros for his three day effort. McGuire gets another knockout to his credit. We are down to 11 players and will stop tonight at the final table. Some very big spots are sure to come.

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