Who Will Win the €1,100 Mystery Bounty?

Who Will Win the €1,100 Mystery Bounty?

The €1,100 NLH Mystery Bounty was another barn-burner at the Royal Dublin Society during the 2024 Irish Poker Open with 262 runners creating a €124,450 with another €131,000 awarded in mystery bounties.

The action is down to just a final table of eight hopefuls hungry for the title led by United Kingdom’s Arian Hassankashani with 2,275,000 with Canada’s Michael Khan (1,750,000) and Portugal’s Victor Caballero (1,175,000) also beginning as chip millionaires.

United Kingdom’s Matthew Wilson (870,000), Poland’s Grzegorz Kozieja (700,000), Greece’s Fotios Ntamaris (530,000), American Frank Stepuchin (315,000), and Will Kassouf (250,000) are also all still in contention.

Final Table Seat Draw

SeatPlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
1Frank StepuchinUnited States315,00011
2Matthew WilsonUnited Kingdom870,00029
3Fotios NtamarisGreece530,00018
4Grzegorz KoziejaPoland700,00023
5Victor CaballeroPortugal1,175,00039
6Will KassoufEngland250,0008
7Arian HassankashaniUnited Kingdom2,275,00076
8Michael KhanCanada1,750,00058

Big Prizes Ahead

The octet of returning players have already locked up €3,560 whether they return for the final day or not but the prizes increase as usual from there with tonight’s winner going home with a €25,450 top prize.

1€ 25,450
2€ 15,920
3€ 11,360
4€ 8,740
5€ 6,720
6€ 5,180
7€ 4,280
8€ 3,560

This is not all that players can win as the mystery bounty element generates more excitement. One of the two top €10,000 mystery bounty prizes is still in the mystery box for one lucky final tablist to collect. Check out what players can win from bounties today.

The action kicks off at noon and we wish all of the players the best of luck in their quest to become the latest champion at the Irish Poker Open.