Tonkaaaap Swans Out

Tonkaaaap Swans Out

Level 11 : Blinds 800/1,600

Parker Talbot is a garrulous chap at the best of times, and he’s in fine form tonight, even if he hasn’t yet hit his poker stride.

We joined his table, shared with Marle Spragg (now back up to 30k), and found him in busy form, confidently announcing 3,200 as his opening raise virtually every hand.

The first time we saw this, he was shoved on and folded. 2nd time, he faced a reraise to 10k from Alan Swan. He made the call, getting the remainder of his chips in on the 7-8-3 board.

“That’s my flop!” he said, turning up 9-T for the open ended, but Swan turned up pocket Kings and though the 9 on the turn gave Talbot a few more outs, the Queen denied him the pot, leaving him short.

The next hand, Talbot jammed all-in with [clubs-A] – two players giving him action behind. “I’m going to be rich!” he announced, but he wasn’t as the board came with a king, giving one of his opponents a set of kings.

Unlimited rebuys means we may see more Tonk-ing before the night is done…