The PokerStars Power Couple

The PokerStars Power Couple

Level 6: 500-1,000/1,000

Benjamin “Spraggy” Spragg and Marle Spragg have both entered the JP Masters. These two have been at the Irish Open all week playing various tournaments and there’s no doubt they’ve enjoyed their stay.

Elizabeth Benneth Martin made it 1,600 from the lo-jack and PokerStars Team Pro Spraggy made the call. John Kelly also called from the small blind, whilst Claude Cayla folded on the big blind.

All three players checked the flop. On the turn , Kelly bet 1,600. Benneth Martin folded and Spraggy made the call.

Spraggy then fired 2,800 on the river, and was called fairly quickly by Kelly. Spraggy showed for the busted flush draw and Kelly won the pot holding .

It’s okay, Spraggy; you’re doing great.

Over at table 23 it was Marle time. The PokerStars Ambassador defended her big blind after Warren Aspey raised to 1,800. On the flop Marle check-called Aspey’s 1,500 bet and the turn unfolded. Marle this time led out for 3,000 and was called by Aspey.

River came and Marle wasn’t slowing down. She went all in for 26,000, sending Aspey into the tank. “Show me the four”, Aspey sighed as he eventually folded his hand. No reply from Marle who’s got the AirPods in her ears today. We’ll never know what she’s listening to.

This lovely picture of Marle Spragg is from one of the earlier days of the Irish Open, but she’s still equipped with the sunglasses.