Team PokerStars Involved in the Action

Team PokerStars Involved in the Action

Level 14: 3,000-6,000/6,000
Field: 36/172 Remaining

Fintan Hand knocked out Andrew Hulme with kings to move up to around 390,000. Benjamin Spragg then got a shove through one table over and Parker Talbot loudly announced that Spragg had more than the starting stack, clapping for it.

Moments later, Talbot raised to 12,000 and Spragg jammed once more.

“Well Fintan, it’s happening, I gonna bust him” Talbot said and then called.

Benjamin Spragg:
Parker Talbot:

Spragg was ahead and still had to sweat after the flop as well as turn. A diamond or ten was needed to score the knockout but the river was a blank for Spragg to double for 54,000.

Benjamin Spragg – 120,000
Parker Talbot – 65,000

Benjamin Spragg