Spraggy In Destruction Mode

Spraggy In Destruction Mode

Benjamin “Spraggy” Spragg has been laying waste to his table for a while, just relentlessly pressurising everyone with the stack he’s accumulated.

Spraggy plays a large number of KO tournaments online, so he’s used to being pretty aggressive in these games, but frankly, he’s just being ridiculous at the moment.

Raising every hand to 4k and then often refusing to fold to aggression, he’s cultivating a maniacal image that is serving him well when he makes a hand, while intimidating players from playing back at him too often.

He’s also being his usual genial chatterbox self, chatting away at the table. Too much to quote so edited highlights:
“I have a bad hand” – said after calling a 3-bet shove allin (he had JT v A7, and lost).
“I always say what I think. Look…[Pointing at one guy] He’s playing terribly, [Points at another] this guy awfully!” – the three of them sharing a laugh at this.
“To not defend against me? I have no words…” – said after Spraggy’s 15th min raise in a row, after he watched the big blind fail to call the extra.

Genius or madness, he’s up to close to 150k (tournament average 70k) and getting a lot of laughs for his trouble. A friend appeared to ask if Spraggy would be joining him for an engagement. “Depends if I win this,” he announced confidently.

His table are enjoying Spraggy’s banter, even if a large chunk of the table’s chips seem to be heading inexorably into his stack at the moment.