Spraggy and Girafganger Go To War

Spraggy and Girafganger Go To War

Benjamin “Spraggy” Spragg and Bert”Girafganger7″ Stevens are two of the top poker streamers out there. Spraggy’s built up a loyal following online streaming mid to high stakes whilst Girafganger is recognised as one of the top highstakes, fearless players in the world.

Both are very funny as well, explaining their growing followings. Stevens in particular has soared in popularity thanks to his account of how he won the $5k WSOP online for an eye-watering near $3 million.

Check it out below – it’s an amazing video! 👇

Here at the felt though, the two have already started bantering, Bert offering Spraggy a drink.

Spraggy’s clearly in a combative mood and quickly fired back “Are you so intimidated by my poker skills, you need to get me drunk???”

Bert just laughed in response, though once he was out of earshot, Spraggy was a bit more complimentary to his fellow streamer. “He’s the streamer of the year,”…but he couldn’t quite finish the sentence there, adding, “…and I’m the player of the year.”