Simmons Spins Up Short Stack

Simmons Spins Up Short Stack

Level 34: 200,000-400,000/400,000
Field: 22/5,320 Remaining

Over on table one, Paul Simmons was all-in for just 975,000 at the new blinds. It folded all the way to Alexandru Pintilie in the big blind, who whispered “I am afraid I have to call”. One minute of consideration later, Pintilie sigh-folded and said “take it as a gift”.

Simmons got a shove through the next hand again and then called all-in out of the big blind when Stefano Matassa shoved.

Paul Simmons:
Stefano Matassa:

The deuce came on the runout for Simmons to double for 2,575,000.

Paul Simmons – 5,500,000
Stefano Matassa – 1,050,000