Simmons and Smyth Tangle Twice

Simmons and Smyth Tangle Twice

Level 34: 200,000-400,000/400,000
Field: 20/5,320 Remaining

Heads-up to the turn, Mark Smyth checked in the big blind and then called a bet worth 1,350,000 by Paul Simmons on the button. The fell on the river and Smyth had checked blind. Simmons jammed for 5,100,000 and Smyth reluctantly paid it off with the for a pair of aces.

Simmons had the for the straight and doubled.

Smyth then made a move out of the small blind when he was all-in for 550,000 only on the turn. Simmons reluctantly called after he asked the dealer to spread the pot. He was ahead with versus but Smyth spiked the river!

Paul Simmons – 14,000,000
Mark Smyth – 4,200,000