Seat Open for Kukis; Trip to Malaga for Rinne

Seat Open for Kukis; Trip to Malaga for Rinne

Level 16: 5,000-10,000/10,000
Field: 21/283

Eoghan Rogers raised from under the gun and Marius Kukis defended the big blind, then check-raised the flop from 35,000 to 70,000. Rogers jammed and Kukis called.

Marius Kukis:
Eoghan Rogers:

Kukis improved with the turn but the river gave Rogers the superior flush and monster stack of 975,000.

After the hand, the clock was stopped. During the previous break in the Main Event, one of the PokerStars promotions drew a random table in the room for a Crazy Pineapple hand. That happened to be table three in this PLO event.

Kukis was still alive for that one and they all discarded one of their three cards on the flop. After the turn, they showed two spades and three diamonds to see the river. Toivo Rinne flipped over his for the straight and won a trip to Malaga for a live poker event, Kukis’ was the runner-up there again.

Rinne also has a very solid stack of 475,000, too.