Robotka On Top Following Crazy Sequence

Robotka On Top Following Crazy Sequence

A fun few hands on table 22 just saw the tables broken with 49 players remaining, the cut-off point being 39 players when the day will end.

First off, Paul Coughlan made a move on Gerard McCullough, whose had him in awful shape. Until the flop arrived…

The flop saw McCullough’s advantage shredded and he reached for his coat, defeat confirmed as the and hit the turn and river. He got some muted commiserations from all round at his bad luck…

He was leaving but his tablemates called him back as he had a few chips still. McCullough sat back down again and boy was he glad he did!

Next hand saw a war between two players, including Frank Robotka and (we think) Stijn Heffels for their big stacks, no surprise as they turned over Aces and Kings respectively. In the middle of these two titanic stacks, McCullough had thrown in his last 30k or so with and his fortunes looked bleak.

Until the board arrived. The table laughed as he out-flopped both, laughed yet more heartily as the hit the turn to give him an even stronger hand and exploded as the hit the river to give him quads!

Back in the game with 110,000 or so, McCullough was all smiles and Robotka dusted off his opponent in that cooler to reach a massive 620,000 in chips.

Exciting poker!