Rene Middelberg Eliminated in 2nd Place (€32,825)

Rene Middelberg Eliminated in 2nd Place (€32,825)

Level 44: 2,000,000-4,000,000/4,000,000
Field 1/5,320

After eliminating Marcus Hallabro in third, Joseph Carey held a decent chip advantage against his heads up-opponent Rene Middelberg. After forcing him all in for the fifth time in six hands, Middelberg decided to call for his remaining 40,000,000:

Rene Middelberg:
Joseph Carey:

As the board ran out , it stood clear that Middelberg’s tournament life was over. For his runner-up finish, Middelberg cashed €32,825.

Josephy Carey – 159,600,000
Rene Middelberg – 0

Rene Middelberg.