Oscar Montalvo eliminated in 5th, €7,000

Oscar Montalvo eliminated in 5th, €7,000

Oscar Montalvo opened from under the gun, five-handed, to 40,000, and got three-bet to 120,000, next to act, by Alexander Goulder.

Montalvo called.

The flop came Qh Tc 4s and Montalvo checked to Goulder, who continuation bet 80,000. Montalvo moved all-in for, we guess what was close to 450,000. Goulder called and had the hand everyone dreams to hold in this spot.

Goulder: As Ad

Montalvo: Th 7h

The turn was the 6c and the river the 5s. No help for Montalvo, who shrugged his shoulders and said he did what he could. It was a storied run for the well liked Spaniard.

Goulder in the driver’s seat