Orestis Development

Orestis Development

Kanakopoulos Orestis has made a fantastic start.

We missed the hand playing out but with the help of Alex Martin, we’ve reconstructed the salient details. (Thanks Alex!)

Juliano Nicola was on the negative receiving end of the chip swing, opening the button to 600 and getting three bet by Orestis from the small blind.

He made the call and the flop fell T-9-2. Orestis continuation bet, Nicola raised and we think Orestis three bet to 15k. Call.

Turn was an ace. 6k from Orestis. Call.

The river was a king, Orestis checked and Nicola now “value-jammed” for his remaining chips with K-T for two pair. Snap-call from Orestis with pocket nines for a flopped set.

Orestis up to 120,000 while Nicola has re-bought in, no doubt looking for revenge.