ONeill Folds to the Straddle

ONeill Folds to the Straddle

Jordon, tourney straddler

It’s all got a bit weird in the €3,000 High Roller as the final minutes of Level 8 – the last of the day – tick down. The atmosphere is both febrile and friendly, and I have heard at least two players order drinks for tables other than theirs…

With the blinds at 600/1,200, an under the gun Terence Jordon (pictured) announced, “My straddle,” and put in 3,200 blind. It folded all the way round to big blind Padraig O’Neill, who flipped over 9x 4x offsuit (folding in the process).

“Folding to a blind man!” remarked Jordon, as he scooped in the blinds and BBA.

Jordon: 168,000
O’Neill 100,000