Nikolaisen March Halted in Tracks

Nikolaisen March Halted in Tracks

It’s been a benevolent last few levels for Espen Nikolaisen, who has seen his stack vault up the chip counts, rising to the lofty regions of 90,000+.

We recently joined him on a board of 8c 5h Th Ks and caught him firing 4k – called by Jakov Bralic in position.

The Ac on the river saw Espen check, only for Bralic to move all-in for his last 12,000. Espen checked his cards several times and although he looked in two minds, he made the call with A-3 for a rivered top pair.

Bralic showed down K-T for kings-up on the turn which was good for the pot. He’s up to 38,000.

Meanwhile Espen retired from the hand with a chunk nipped out of his, although he’s still well-placed with a handy 70,000…