Nadeem Majid has a set stacked, eliminated 3rd (€51,385)

Nadeem Majid has a set stacked, eliminated 3rd (€51,385)

In one of the most interesting pots of the tournament, Nadeem Majid raised on the button to 90,000 (big blind still 40,000) and Christos Xanthopoulos called from the big blind. The flop came Jc 6c 4d, Xanthopoulos checked, Majid continuation bet to 80,000, and Xanthopoulos raised to 220,000.

At this point Majid held a set of sixes and the world was his oyster. He could call to trap or raise all-in to get all the money now. He could be certain of one thing: at the present juncture he was holding the best hand.

He decided to call. The turn was the 7c. Now Xanthopoulos bet small, just 200,000, leaving himself 530,000 behind. Now Majid couldn’t raise, for fear of folding out worse hands and running into better. He called again, hoping to see a board pair.

If anything the board got worse for Majid on the 3s river. Xanthopoulos moved all in and with a set of sixes Majid called it off quite understandably. But it was bad news, Kc 5c for Xanthopoulos– the second nut flush and Majid, vying for chip lead for so long, was crippled. Xanthopoulos finished the job a couple hands later for the remainder. This high roller, with six-figures up top was now down to just two!

Not to be for Majid