Monster Pot Means Monster Stack for O Dwyer

Monster Pot Means Monster Stack for O Dwyer

Stack now significantly larger

An enormous pot up on the feature table has propelled Steve O’Dwyer to an 11 million chip lead.

O’Dwyer opened to 220k with Qc 7h on the button and Mircea Rus called with Kc 8h in the small blind to see a rather fun 8c Qs Qh flop. Rus checked, but then made it 380k to O’Dwyer’s 140k bet. O’Dwyer just flatted.

The 6s turn changed absolutely nothing, but Rus with his pair of eights bet out 315k. O’Dwyer just called, and they went to the river.

Rus checked the 3h that appeared, and O’Dwyer now bet 1.6 million – half of Rus’ . After a spell in the tank, Rus made the call, and soon learned the bad news. O’Dwyer now had 11 million in his stack.

He picked up another hefty pot not long after, when Dan Wilson’s flopped flush draw turned into an O’Dwyer backdoor flush instead. At 12 million or so, O’Dwyer’s stack is now three times bigger than that of the next man.