Mistaken Identity Leads to Tens Exchange

Mistaken Identity Leads to Tens Exchange

While taking our dinner break, a player approached us, keen to talk about a hand.

“You’re the guy who had the tens!” We remained silent, a puzzled look crossing our face. “You remember. I had the jacks on the J-T-T board!”

We pointed out we are silent observers of the action, present at the tables merely to document events of note. We stopped scanning the menu for chicken balls & reached for our notepad…

Pressed for further details, we discovered the flop had been J-T-7 and the turn the fateful ten that would seal hero’s fate. “I thought I was home and dry! Put on my best James Bond impression on the river. Trouble is he was doing one too. We were James Bond-ing all over the place. The hand took about 40 minutes!”

Unfortunately just as we were about to grab personal details to flesh out the story, he became distracted by a call, made a quick goodbye and ran off into the tournament arena. Though we were disappointed, by this point our chicken balls were ready, providing, at least, a quantum of solace.