McNameeasy Game

McNameeasy Game

Neil McNamee is a firm chip leader in the early levels, having a stack threatening to top 200,000 when the average is still 57,000 (blinds 200/400). He just won two pots in swift succession, the first one busting Mitchell Hynam in the process.

On a board of 9h 8c 4d 5d, (the pot standing around 17,000) McNamee checked and Hynam bet 11,500. Back to McNamee who pushed in a stack of red 5,000 chips that asked if his shorter-stacked opponent would like to go all in. The answer ended up being yes.

Hynam: Js Jd
McNamee: 5c 5h

The set of fives cared not for the ace on the river, and that was it for Hynam (at least for that bullet; the €3,000 High Roller is an unlimited re-entry event).

Very shortly afterwards, button Barry Grime raised to 1,000 and McNamee threebet to 4,200 from the small blind. Back to Grime, who made the call to see a flop of Qc 9d 4d.

McNamee checked, Grime bet 6,000 and McNamee instantly pushed forward a stack of reds equalling 45,000. Grime declined to call but got a flash of aces anyway.