Marius-Alexandru Gicovanu, Winner of €1,100 PLO Mystery Bounty

Marius-Alexandru Gicovanu, Winner of €1,100 PLO Mystery Bounty

Presumably, many Irish Poker Open players were excited for the €1,100 PLO Mystery Bounty tournament. It’s become evident throughout the years that many players prefer PLO over Texas No Limit Hold ‘Em due to more action happening. What’s more, Mystery Bounty has been one of the hottest tournament formats during the last couple of years. Add them two together and you get a poker game that screams excitement!

A Nomenclature Field

153 entries were made in the tournament creating a €72,675 prize pool. Amongst these players were some Irish Poker legends, for example, Mark Buckley. He’s been visiting the Irish Open for years and his presence elevates the atmosphere in the poker room to another level. Buckley finished 15th in the event, earning himself €5,280. Also in the field was Irish Open ambassador Chris Dowling, who’s also one of Ireland’s most successful live poker players. Other notable names were Erik Van Den Berg, Frederik Thiemer, Juha Helppi, and Brian Morgan.

Gicuvanu Wins It All

There can only be one winner though, and once the dust had settled it was Romanian Marius-Alexandru Gicovanu who could claim the title and the €44,975 first-place payout. In the heads-up battle, he defeated Irishman Jamie Flynn who received €17,120 for second place. Congratulations on the title, Gicovanu!