Man Doon

Man Doon

Mark Muldoon’s stack just went through a rollercoaster journey – briefly tasting the highs before ultimately succumbing to the lows.

He won a mid-sized pot to build his stack, picking up 13k or so when he jammed the turn of a Qd 8d 2s 4h board to win it & his stack looked in decent shape – but then the wheels began to fall off.

First off he lost a chunk to Greg Thomson, coolered on a 4d 2s 4s board when his T-4 ran into Thomson’s pocket deuces and failed to improve. He then 3-bet an 800 open from Klas Kruger to 2,300 – Bryan Napier now jamming all-in from the blinds with a stack that had Muldoon covered.

He called with pocket jacks and was up against Napier’s big slick – though a board of 3d 7s Tc Kh 8c saw his hopes (for this buy-in at least) expire. He found sympathy from the man who’d earlier coolered him.

“Unlucky,” Thomson offered sincerely.