Lappin Comebacking

Lappin Comebacking

Momentarily down to 900 chips during the big blind 800 level, poker’s Buck Mulligan, David Lappin, has had an early (near hundred-fold!) renaissance. He now presides over more than 80,000 chips.

We had a chance to observe the how of this feat. The key, turns out, is to win every hand you play.

After raising preflop on the button, he fired a big bet on an ace turn after his opponent in the big blind check-called a king-high board. Next pot he took down with just three disconnected cards face up and a small bet.

In blind versus blind the same orbit he waited until the river to play the thief, betting small into a small pot (with what looked like the nut low to our peeking eyes), on a Q94,Q,6 board, two flush draws having missed the river.

That’s the short of it anyways.

Should he keep increasing his stack by multiples near one hundred, the convivial cynic will be well positioned to make a deep run.