Kickers Key for ONeill and Lasobras

Kickers Key for ONeill and Lasobras

While we were waiting to see chip leader Ben Zech in action, most of the rest of his table got involved in a hand instead: after an opening raise to 1,300 (blinds 300/600) under the gun from Richard O’Neill, his neighbour Ken Beckers and both blinds threw in calling chips.

The flop: 7d 6c Ah. Check to the raiser, who bet 2,900, called by big blind Abel Lasobras alone.

On the 4h turn, another check to O’Neill, who threw in a single green chip (5,000). Another call from Lasobras.

The river: 2h. Both players checked and both tabled their aces; while O’Neill had picked up an up-and-down straight draw on the turn with his Ad 5c, Lasobras had the Tc to go with this As and this kicker played straightless.

Lasobras: 34,000
O’Neill: 29,000